Algeria celebrates 13th anniversary of national reconciliation.

Algeria celebrates today Saturday, September 29th, the 13th anniversary of the referendum of the Charter for Peace and Reconciliation, initiated by the President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika and which allowed a return of security, stability and brotherhood to a country beset by a decade of unspeakable terrorist violence, tears and widespread destruction all over the national territory.
Thanks to President Bouteflika’s laudable initiative, Algeria has recovered from more than ten years of terrorist bloodshed which plunged into mourning a whole nation with its men, women and children.
Thanks to this courageous and praiseworthy action on the part of the head of State, peace and stability are now part of the Algerian people’s daily life.
The adoption in 2005 of the Charter for Peace and Reconciliation sounded the death of terrorism, violent extremism and obscurantism in the country of the one and a half million martyrs.