Algeria: Head of State Bensalah Receives Prime Minister Bedoui

Head of state Abdelkader Bensalah received Tuesday Prime Minister Nourreddine Bedoui, who presented, as part of the monitoring of the government’s action, an exposé on the country’s socio-economic and political situation, notably the unfolding of the electoral process, said a communiqué issued by the presidency of the republic.
Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui evoked in this respect, the results of the councils of ministers held on November 21 and December 2, 2019, the first being devoted to examining the situation of the new cities and urban poles, while the second to the assessment of the situation of national air company Air Algérie and to examining its development programme.
Noureddine Bedoui also tackled the actions conducted by ministries, each in its own field, in implementation of the decisions of the ministerial council of November 26.
Moreover, he evoked the government’s action aimed at helping young leaders of projects, notably in the field of the green and circular economy.
Hailing the government’s action, the head of state stressed the necessity to persevere so as to reinforce the development momentum and to achieve different pertinent programmes, underlining the imperative to pursue efforts aimed at getting the administration closer to the citizen, notably following the latest changes affecting the administrative organization, in addition to the necessary exploitation of the potential modern technologies offer.
He also noted the extreme interest the state grants to the promotion of renewable energies in line with the priorities and commitments in terms of environment and climate preservation, underlining in this connection, the necessity to raise awareness to the importance to grant the necessary facilitations to investors in this field  of endeavor.