Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaid Salah’s Keynote Speech in Oran (2nd military region)

The Deputy Minister of National Defence, Chief of Staff of the National People's Army (ANP), Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, greeted on Tuesday during his working and inspection visit to the 2nd Military Region in Oran, the strong reaction of the Algerian people, who expressed their "categorical" rejection of the European Parliament's attempts to interfere in its internal affairs, stressing that "the strong popular momentum and peaceful marches that our country has recently experienced reflect the strength of the popular will to overcome this sensitive phase" that Algeria is experiencing.
"The strong popular momentum and peaceful marches that our country has recently experienced reflect the strength of the popular will to overcome this sensitive phase of its history and augur well for an eminent outcome and that Algeria will reach its haven of peace, thanks to the determination of the Algerian people, throughout the national territory, to participate in force at the forthcoming presidential elections on 12 December 2019 and its accession with its National People's Army (ANP), worthy heir to the National Liberation Army (NLA), by supporting its sincere and dedicated position with total faith and conviction in the correctness of its rational and objective approach to overcome this phase that the country is going through, this constructive approach which has no other objective than to serve the supreme interest of the nation, and to preserve its security and the peace of its people," said the Chief of Staff during his meeting with the officers and staff  of the 2nd Military Region in his keynote speech followed via videoconference by all units of the military Region.
"This authentic people, who have welcomed the positions clearly expressed by the military institution since the beginning of the crisis to date and who value it for its true value, based on the great confidence they have in their army, determined to pursue their missions resolutely, whatever the circumstances, considering that this army - whose major concern, particularly in these particular circumstances in which our country is living, is to preserve Algeria, land and people, and safeguard its stability, independence and national sovereignty - is an army that deserves all respect, consideration and support",  Gaid Salah underscored.
"This people from whom we come, whom we know perfectly well and value, has constantly known how to face all adversity, however great, thanks to its dedication and fidelity to its nationalist principles and ancestral values, as well as to the support of the military institution, which has adopted a clear-sighted and judicious strategy, and has set about implementing it in stages, in perfect harmony with the demands and expectations of this valiant people," he stated.
"They are now responding to these desperate attempts through massive marches, throughout the country, and stand as one man, with all their   segments.
The people thus gave the most wonderful images of solidarity, support and cohesion, categorically rejecting the European Parliament's attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of our country, thus giving the whole world a lesson in true patriotism," stressed the Lieutenant General .
Adding that " that is where the next electoral deadline lies, because it actually represents an irrevocable completion of the journey of 1 November 1954".
In this regard, Ahmed Gaid Salah recalled that he had "said during his recent speech to the managers and staff of the Air Force Command on Wednesday 27 November, and even on previous occasions, that this authentic people, who are perfectly aware of the seriousness of the  heinous plots that are  brewing in the laboratories of conspiracy abroad and the modes of betrayal and felony inside, when the gang has called on outside parties".
He also stated that Algeria has men and women who are capable of defending it, because they simply belong to the miracle people who know the meaning of national sovereignty and value it, because it was acquired at the cost of the sacrifices of millions of valiant martyrs," Gaid Salah argued.
The Algerian people, Gaid Salah underlined,  "will also know how to respond to all their detractors who are plotting against their country, by going to the polls on 12 December 2019 to elect a President of the Republic with integrity, freedom and democracy, so that this will be a vigorous and civilized response and a sharp slap in the face to all those who attack Algeria, whose strength is equal to that which our valiant ancestors have inflicted on them since the beginning of French colonialism in Algeria in 1830, during the heroic and steadfast  popular resistance, through the glorious Revolution of Liberation which led to our country’s hard-won independence.
They gave the tyrannical occupier a good lesson in patriotism, attachment to the homeland, the refusal to be enslaved whatever the sacrifices. They have proved to traitors and subservient people that their fate is nothing but shame.
Indeed, the country is priceless and precious and cannot be traded at any price," said the Deputy Minister of National Defence.
Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah added that "Algeria with such characteristics and all its great ambitions and the future that suits its greatness and to which it aspires, it is Algeria that the High Command of the National People's Army is honored, today and every day, to accompany, fully aware of the meaning of the immeasurable sacrifices made by our ancestors in order to shape Algeria's glorious national history, which constitutes the beacon that guides its most devoted children.
"And this is where the next electoral deadline lies, because it actually represents an irrevocable completion of the journey of November 1, 1954.
Indeed, if November had predicted the liberation of the country from the abomination of abject French colonialism, December will have the honor of completing the construction of the rule of law in accordance with the principles of the November 1st Declaration," concluded the Chief of Staff of the ANP.