The western provinces of the country celebrate “Yennayer” by reviving the ancestral traditions.

The western provinces of the country have been marked by the celebration of the new Amazigh year “Yennayer” throughout the whole week.
The inhabitants of the western provinces, notably Chlef, Mostaghanem, and Oran consider “Yennayer” a national ancestral festival in the region and an opportunity to revive the stories of Chachnak, Syphax, Massinissa, as well as many other Amazigh heroes that will always be present in the national memory and the North African history in general.
The inhabitants of the west of the country celebrate Yennayer by sharing traditional meals with the family, notably couscous with chicken, and other traditional dishes specially prepared on this day such as the “Cherchem” or wheat with vegetables.
For the preparation of the Yennayer meal, women gather in the neighbourhood sharing tea and traditional cakes with raisins, prepared exceptionally for the occasion.
Yennayer is a symbol of national unity and the country’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.
Assia Bekkar.