66% of Algerians satisfied with the government's action

66% of Algerians are satisfied with the government's action, according to a survey conducted by the American University of Princeton with a representative sample of 1,000 people.

Led by Professor Abdelwahab Kayyali, the survey, which focused on the appreciation that Algerians have of their leaders, was conducted for the first time by telephone, between summer 2020 and winter 2021.

The survey, which focused on Algerians' appreciation of their government, yielded results that "largely comfort the executive".

In detail, the survey by the American University of Princeton reports that the same proportion, 66% of Algerians, are also satisfied with the management of the health crisis linked to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) by the country's authorities, and more than 50% believe in the figures relating to the national pandemic situation communicated daily by the Scientific Committee for monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus pandemic, under the Ministry of Health.

Algerians' confidence in the government's action also includes the fight against corruption.