Algerian Prime minister chairs a government meeting

Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad has chaired a government meeting devoted to the study of two draft executive decrees pertaining to the sectors of finance and labour and to the pursuing of the presentation of communications related to the prospects of the revival and development of sectoral activities to be examined by the council of ministers.
The government listened to an exposé of the finance minister relate to the draft executive decree modifying and supplementing executive decree 18-300 of November 26, 2018 pertaining to the movement of certain goods in the upland area of the customs radius.
The draft executive decree aims at simplifying the mechanism governing the delivery of authorizations to proceed and comes as part of the measures to be taken by the government to take charge of the current reality prevailing in border areas.
The government then listened to an exposé of the minister of labour, employment and social security related to a draft executive decree defining the model convention concluded between the social security institutions and private hospitals to take charge of childbirth.
Following the presentation of the two draft executive decrees, the Prime Minister reaffirmed the government’s interest for any initiative intended to facilitate and to impact in a positive way the daily life of the citizens.
The government also listened to communications presented by the ministers in charge of religious affairs, posts and telecommunications and water resources.
After recalling the circumstances which led to the detection of the first suspected case of coronavirus and the measures taken for its treatment, the health minister provided details on the reinforcement of the measures of prevention, surveillance and watch at the level of all points of entry to the national territory.
Hailing the efforts of all parties involved in the management of the situation, the Prime Minister called for a calm, thoughtful and responsible communication by avoiding alarmist reactions, over the new coronavirus (Covid-19) in Algeria.