The Deputy Defence Minister calls for dialogue within the constitutional legitimacy.

Deputy defence minister, national people’s army chief of staff, major general Ahmed Gaid Salah called Wednesday in Tamanrasset  for a dialogue allowing to remain within the framework of constitutional legitimacy so as to return to the ballot box as soon as possible to elect a president of the republic while respecting the free popular will.
In an orientation speech at the school of cadets of the Nation in Tamanraset, on the third day of his visit to the 6th Military Region, Ahmed Gaid Salah said it is certain that those who try to put off this kind of national praiseworthy processes are people and parties adopting the principle of the gang and following its spokespersons and advocates in a misleading attempt.
In this respect, he warned against the dangerousness of some people’s initiatives aimed at worsening the situation and prolonging the crisis, adding that those who resort to it are those who intentionally spread rumours, false information and lies continuously via various media supports and can’t contribute, under any circumstances, to the creation of an atmosphere favorable to mutual understanding, and even, a meaningful and rational dialogue. It means, he added, that he who indulges in such practices is against the holding of a serious dialogue.  
These people deliberately pursue this way though they were able to be more credible by broadcasting real events instead of giving false information to the public opinion by fomenting lies as well as unreal and unfounded scenarios attributed to personalities and decision-making centers.”
He said all this comes from tied up plans that were worked out with an extreme treachery to discredit all actions aimed at appeasing and reassuring the Algerian people and working to find appropriate solutions to the country’s current crisis.
The purpose is to block any way to get out of the crisis and delay any thoughtful and nationalist initiative for dialogue and consultations between the different parties,” added major General Ahmed Gaid Salah.
“In order to thwart all these discouraging and unconstructive initiatives, he went on, the Algerian people are called upon today to move forward with their army to take up all the challenges and to show total loyalty to the country, a loyalty that requires the mobilization of all, each in his field of competence and within the limits of his responsibilities, notably in the information sector at the service of Algeria.”